White Rose Hair Soap Refill 290Ml

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Amino acid sort weakly sour shampoo with Rosa alba flower extract (hair background protection ingredient) obtained from white rose overflowing vitality. Together with the aroma of luscious rose lightly washes the damaged locks, leading it to smooth and radiant beautiful hair and a healthy head. How to use: Take the quantity of about 500 yen espresso, spread it in the palm of your hand, whisk lightly and spread on the entire locks. Securely foam whilst utilizing the fingers' belly to include air flow as well as wash foam like carefully wrapping it. To prevent friction on the hair creating the bruise, it is a place to whisk plenty. Thinking about the lift-up effect, shampoo while rubbing in a zigzag method to raise the scalp. Draw a circle with your finger or even move it zigzag to rub.

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