Je Laime Fantasist Concentrate Oil 100Ml

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1 item 10 roles (moisturizing, damage fix, safety, gloss, split hair avoidance, high heat protection, static electricity prevention, cuticle coat, hair fragrance, color care). Out foot bath therapy that concentrates on hair that is sleek without stickiness of focused engine oil. To the hair of envy that shines. 5 types of botanical seed engine oil, hair maintenance compounds. Neat as well as sweet sweet floral fragrance utilizing organic fragrance which spreads comfortably. Top: fruity citrus natural Middle: floral End: musk amber woody powdery moss Sulfate-free, alcohol-free. How to use: May be applied on wet and dry hair. Apply 1 pump on the palm of your hand, then work through pretty much the most broken section of your hair, like the ends.

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