Men Medicated All In One Protection Cleansing Wash Refill 400Ml

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It is an all-in-one general cleansing price for therapeutic prescription specialized for men's uncomfortable odor countermeasure. Sterilization portion isopropylmethylphenol is combined, the hair, face as well as body are rapidly flushed as well as sterilized. Entire body to clean up, prevent a man's uncomfortable smell (sweat smell, sebum smell, age-old smell), even further stop acne, leading to a fearless impact. How to use: Take a proper level (about 2 ~ 3 push) to a bath towel / sponge moistened with water that is hot, wash lightly and wash it. Then rinse thoroughly. When cleaning your hair, after moistening the locks well, whip the correct amount in the palm of your hand, let the entire hair rinse, then wash carefully. Then rinse thoroughly.

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