Body Mist 50Ml 2 Types

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Floral Pear A pear scent consisting of translucency that takes out the appeal of not displaying. A pear fragrance which produces a translucency that is inhaled. A fresh, lovely pear and lemon top note, a transparent muguet rose middle note, and also the final. Woody Musk is delicately spread like a veil. It is a scent that brings out your natural appeal that you don't constantly exhibit effortlessly. Flowers Flowers as well as buds dance and dance A light and pure fragrance. The blossoms bounce up elegantly in a rejuvenating breeze, and also the buds rhythmically sway like a waltz. Your heart will regularly be free and light such as these flowers. With such a wish, it is a gift with a bouncing fragrance which arrived from the fairy garden. How to use: Apply to your skin, like your wrist and neck.

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