Spice Mist 250Ml 2 Types

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Gloss Water With treatment effect and moisturizing effect , amazingly combedthrough is easy to make, hair does not spread despite natural dry. Texture that is soft and gloss of silk extract (hydrolyzed silk) are essential items of straight style. Wide correspondence to hair that is gentle ~ challenging hair (light injury ~ higher injury) As a pre-styling of straight style. Ideal for extension hair as well as entangled hair with harm. To people who would like a feeling of smoothness and people who do not want to incorporate lots styling agent. As a finish of natural dry. Volume Up Perfect for pre/styling hair utilizing heat like curlers as well as irons. Heat protecting ingredients (PPT) to guard your locks from heat, results in fluffy and light setting power, and texture that is solid. As a base for rolling approach for example curl blowing as well as ironing. When volume of hair that is smooth is raised, or even when working with layout that employs permanent hair. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the location in which you need it in the state of 50 % become dry before styling. Allow it to be common nicely with hands, and ready it while drying.

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