Bontanical Clear Lotion 200Ml 2 Types

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Floral Rose: For all those with dried out and dried up skin problems. Cut the skin pores. A skin product that has both consequences of moisturizing skin that is dried up while moisturizing. A wrapping penetrating formulation which retains the moisture moist and smoothes the skin. Leads to moist skin with inconspicuous pores. Contains botanical extract which causes skin without pores and also shine. Careful choice of 20 botanical extracts (skin conditioning). A botanical complex with an innovative combination of extracts which address skin whereby pores are worrisome. Finest damask rose extract (skin conditioning). Rose extract provides the outcome of revitalizing your skin. Initiating your skin leads to skin with inconspicuous pores and also shine. Rich as well as beautiful floral rose scent. Citrus Herb: A skin product which uses the capability of luxurious botanical extracts to press your skin. An original botanical complex loaded with the benefits of 20 kinds of plant extracts will calm your skin. A very simple prescribed that will rejuvenate your skin. Refreshing citrus herb scent. How you can use: After cleaning your facial skin, bring an appropriate quantity (500 yen coin size) onto your palm or perhaps velvet. Gently apply it to your skin. If you cool in the refrigerator before use, you can really feel a rejuvenating feeling. Do not invest the freezer. May be also utilized as a pre-skin lotion.

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