Loyly Finland Bathsoak 50G 2 Types

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Foam-type bathing substance based on soda. As it is powder, it dissolves in water that is hot quickly, and also superfine carbonic acid foam envelops the entire body. Let's enjoy the subject of carbonated foot bath at home. Loyly is said that it is the foundation of the sauna, the significance of slowly dumping temperature in Finnish. If the sauna was born, once the water was placed on the warmed sauna stone, it was named because the produced steam would fall down and also wrap around the entire body. together with the prevalent use of saunas across the planet, it has become well known that rou-yu is a style which is applicable scented h2o to sauna stones and also enjoys both temperature as well as fragrance. Foaming style bathing content based on carbonated pop. The carbon dioxide gasoline of superfine bubbles of carbonation is produced at the moment of placing it in the tub. There is simply no tar pigment, mineral oil, and sulfur which will harm the water. Whitebirch Blosson: A time period of natural birch blossoms that bloom in the Finnish forest in the first spring season. Lily Of The Valley: The natural scent of the monge lawn (Finnish national flower) blooming on the shores of Finland. Pack Size - 50g

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