Biore Bath Milk Refill 480Ml 2 Types

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It is 100 % body treatment milk. Protect the infant as well as everyone's family's skin. Melt carefully into water that is hot, elbows, knees and heels that usually are casually hydrated. The very same as empty skin Weakly sour. Keep a proper state of sprinkling efficiently on the bathing skin. It is water that is hot with a sense of transparency that you can see well the state of your child's skin. Feel relieved Powdery fragrance. How to use: Place in about 40ml of hot water (150 to 200 L) in the bath (1 cup of caps in your eyes), stir well and take a bath. Clean the cap well, drain it casually and close it. Avoid making use of this product accompanied by some other bath additives.

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