Additive Free Cleansing Oil 150Ml

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Protect skin that is delicate carefully. Textiles carefully selected. With significantly less irritation prescription, also protect the very sensitive moisture on your skin. It is a less annoying prescription to your skin carefully selected ingredients, you can likewise use it for skin that is very sensitive. No additive easy on the skin. Absolutely no color, flavoring, preservatives like parabens and quality stabilizers are added. Leather skin allergy tested. Protect very sensitive moisture of skin that is delicate. Plant-derived natural moisture ingredients: PCA-Na formulation (sodium porrolidon carboxylate). It is one of NMF (natural moisturizing factor) which exists in the horny level of the skin, it prevents dampness of your skin and prevents drying. Besides creating a top moisturizing effect, it provides the skin versatility and elasticity. Additive-free make-up oil. Wet hand OK vegetable oil. Quickly let it float up just by carefully blushing, do not leave a make-up securely and do not include an additional burden on your skin. Vegetable oil formulation made out of palm oil. Do not use mineral oil. You can work with damp hands. Rinse neat and sticky, protect water.

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