Lunasol Shine Fall Eyes 2 Types

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It is a four-color set eyeshadow that was born influenced by the morning of the trees leaking warmly through the trees. Add the nuances of calm lamp, like the sunshine of trees, to colors that are natural like the fall. The sheer glossy structure provides lightness to colors that are strong, and also by layering each color thinly, it is giving an amazing appearance with strongness however with a sense of omission. Three color variations with different expressions for every color. Enjoy the gorgeous colors that make you feel the breath of the fall. The way to use: The shade color is lined into the eyes with high-quality suggestions. Blur the sparkle autumn color somewhat bigger with a heavy idea so that it somewhat overlaps the border together with the shade color. Brush the nuance color into the eye opening so that it somewhat overlaps with the sparkle fall color. Lightly put in the light color with a heavy idea from the internal eye to the outer corner of the reduced eyelid.

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